A Solo Art Exhibition Romana Kassam

The Experience

The Experience

Masks x Molds is a visual reminder of the unavoidable covering-up of South Asian identity in Canada. Artist Romana Kassam shares her own personal journey by highlighting the different parts of her own being and body that she has masked throughout her life in to order to fit in. Unlike conventional gallery shows Masks x Molds is a fully immersive experience. The visual art is brought to life using light and sound technology, inviting audiences to deepen their understanding of the South Asian immigrant experience.

The Exhibit

Private Opening Reception
Thursday, January 24


Exhibit + Unmasked Panel Discussion
Friday, January 25

Exhibit Hours: 5 - 7 PM
Panel Discussion: 7 - 9 PM

Saturday, January 26

Exhibit Hours: 5 - 9 PM

Last Day of Exhibit
Sunday, January 27

Exhibit Hours: 5 - 9 PM

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Neighbourhood Studios
24 McGee Street
Toronto, ON M4M 2K9
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